Silver Beach Resort & Spa is an approved real estate project of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. The 200-room, luxury, five-star resort, is expected to set the standard for eco-chic resort living. It is located on 12 acres of gently sloping, beach front land, offering panoramic vistas of the town of Portsmouth, and even Guadeloupe in the distance. Silver Beach Resort & Spa sits on Picard Beach – one of Dominica’s best beaches, just five minutes from world renowned US medical school – Ross University School of Medicine.

The resort offers individuals two options for attaining second citizenship – the purchase of shares or the purchase of full titled units. Investment in shares provide investors with a certificate of ownership, while investment in full titled units provide investors with a titled deed to the unit.

The resort, like other approved projects, is intended to bring quality room stock to Dominica’s tourism sector, as such, all the units in the resort, whether owned through full title or share ownership, will be part of the rental pool available to guests of the resort. All owners will be entitled to a share of the resort’s profits. Silver Beach Resort & Spa will be managed either as internationally branded resort, or by an experienced management company.


Arkiplan consulting architects and engineers is an architectural and engineering practice with a unique combination of energy and experience. The company is known for its years of experience developing residential, commercial, and hospitality structures in the Middle East and Asia. A member of the RKM group of companies under the sponsorship of His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Khalifa Al Maktoum, the light bearers of the firm are two highly experienced professionals in their respective fields in the Middle East.

Silver Beach Resort & Spa Dominica - Dominica - Citizenship by Investment - Master Suite


SHARES: Investment in shares allow investors to benefit from fromit sharing and free residency annually for up to three weeks. This option carries a cost of $220,000.

UNITS: Silver Beach Resort & Spa offers Calypso units for investment. Each Calypso unit is 587 sq. ft. of living space, inclusive of a private dip pool. Investors in units are guaranteed a return for the first three years of the property’s operation, and free residency for up to two weeks per year. Calypso units are priced at $320,000.

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The above prices do not include agent fees